Our story began in the Fall of 2006 in Chicago at Chicago's oldest Punk Rock bar. The odds were against us,neither of us were looking for love and we happened to have met the night before Kenny was to return to his life and career in Los Angeles. After a shared vegan burrito and my failed attempt at rescuing a lost dog from an alley way, we exchanged numbers and a hug, with no expectations but to "keep in touch" the next time Kenny was in town. Well, the stars must have been aligned that evening because we ended up talking every day that followed, with Kenny making the bold move to return to Chicago and pursue a relationship with the girl who had pink hair and drank whiskey like water.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and through trial and error we stuck it out and decided to partner up and do this whole "life thing" together. Being true to our nomadic nature, we've lived all over the map from the Midwest to the South to West Coast and have now placed roots in the Appalachian Mountains (thus "Wild Roots") in a small town outside of Asheville. Many things and life events have led us to where we are today, a small slice of land in the sun soaked valley of Hot Springs, North Carolina (Pop. 600) bordered by National Forest and the French Broad River. This humble homestead we've been building for the last 5 years is where we live and work and raise our family. We're creative entrepreneurs and are forever in the pursuit of freedom. We have two beautiful children Everett + Stella, who run the show and blissfully inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. Our day-to-day usually involves running our businesses while parenting, gut-rehabbing our home and property, tending gardens, caring for our two Nubian Goats (Luna + Sol), flock of chickens and bobtail kitty and spending lots of time in the kitchen preparing healthy, plant-based meals. It's a full life and it's not always perfect, but it's ours. One day soon we'll return to our gypsy hearts, but for now, this is it. It's a testament of chasing your dreams, whatever they may be at that moment, because that's all we really have (is now).