Rituals and Traditions: Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference

Rituals and traditions... the rolling tide of coming back to familiarity and purpose. We all have places, things, and people that we keep coming back to for one reason or another. Here is one of those places.

This year marks the third year in a row that Stella and I will attend the Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina. The conference is a celebration of women and plants that inspires and teaches earth-based healing and women’s health. The event hosts over 60 workshops and classes with headliner herbalists! From Rosemary Gladstar in 2015 to Dr. Aviva Romm this year, it's really such a treat to be in a beautiful environment with like-minded women and inspirational teachers from all over. I'd go just to indulge in the good vibes alone. The energy this event brings is indescribable. Literally. You have to attend to understand what I'm talking about.

One of the aspects I really love about this conference is the support of mothers. We are able to bring our children! Whether they're in your lap or at the seedlings camp, they are welcomed! I believe that if we want to change the world, it starts with our children. Being able to include them in this magic and wonder of learning to work with nature's gifts is such a pleasure! The first year Stella spent most of her time asleep in my lap or wrapped up in blanket. My mother came with us and it was really special to spend that time as 3 generations all together. The second year Stella and I went, she enjoyed her time wading in the water at the lake and sunbathing at the beach in-between classes, sipping on chamomile tea while picking out crystals at the vendor tents, dancing to the beats fireside at the drum circle and playing with other kids who were there with their mothers as well. This year, we'll be in attendance and camping out with a very good friend of mine, and her daughter, who Stella is smitten with!

The location is another big draw to the conference. Set on serene Lake Eden with Autumn's colors splashed across the Appalachian mountains in a colorful palette. Large tents, canopies, a marketplace, food trucks, tents for camping and various booths scatter the property. In addition to the classes, you can partake in a plant walk through the fields and forests led by seasoned herbalists, canoe on the lake, do sun salutations in a yoga class, sit in the red tent and participate in a song circle. Also - the food! With multiple food vendors serving up local and organic dishes with loads of vegan and vegetarian options, I definitely indulge while I'm there! The only thing you will wish for is more time because there are so many fun things to get involved in!

Are you nodding your head in agreement thinking that you'd like to be there too? There's still time to get your ticket! Click here to get registered and get ready for an amazing weekend!

Love and Gratitude,