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People have imbalances and plants have energy. Herbalism is about building an arsenal of herbal allies for each individual based on their imbalances, needs and where they could most benefit from the plants." Zoe Kissam, Traditional Medicinals herbalist

Hello friends! This post is for all of those who have recently expressed interest in what I have incorporated into my life for herbal healing and daily winter wellness. This is simply a peek into what I use daily to inspire your own path to wellness. I also like to make a lot of my own remedies from scratch, but I've composed this list of ready made products to simplify it all. Click the title of each item for links.  As I am not your doctor, this is not medical advice, please reach out to your Naturopath or Physician with medical concerns.

Please feel free to send me an email with questions on anything you've read here.

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Essential Oils Kit

This kit has legitimately changed our lives. I wanted something that was already put together so I didn't have to order things individually. I did months of research on the best brand of essential oils to use and kept coming back to Young Living. As a homesteader, I love their growing practices, commitment to sustainability and how they own their own farms. I visited the Lavender Farm in Utah last Fall which exceeded my wildest expectations. The kit contains 11 of the most popular blends and singles, a home diffuser, superfood samples and mini empty glass apothecary bottles. It also includes membership to a private online community for question asking/support and ME as your wellness mentor! Essential Oils are potent plant medicine and they really work! Click the link to order as a wholesale member and then download the "Think Dirty" app. It's a free app that allows you to scan your products at home and shows you their levels of toxicity. Be prepared to toss a few (or a lot of) things.. I was astounded that some of the expensive natural products I had been purchasing had the worst ratings! I'll show you how to use your oils in place of those tossed items!

Cellfood Silica

I use this liquid supplement daily in a big glass jug of water. The trace minerals and Silica in this bottle strengthens bones, increases collagen production, reduces oxidative stress, lends to healthier skin, hair, nails and teeth. Studies show that silica counteracts the effects of aluminum on the body and therefore may be important in supporting neurological health. Your Silica levels start to decrease in younger years so supplementation is critical for most people!

Sunny Days Tincture

This tincture blend has done amazing things for my anxiety and winter blues! I add it to the same jug of water with the supplement above. From Red Moon Herbs: "Our Sunny Days blend is a favorite for supporting the body in maintaining a state of emotional balance, combining mood-elevating extracts of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca), and St. John’s wort (Hypercium perforatum/punctatum). These three herbs work synergistically to help the body to maintain mental well-being and nourish the nervous system."

Passionflower Tincture

For those days where the winter blues sneak up on me and everything seems overwhelming. This organic tincture supports the nervous system and promotes a sense of calm and well-being.  Added to water, juice or warm tea.

Herbal Teas:

Traditional Medicinals is my brand of choice. Started in 1974 by master herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and environmentalist Drake Sadler, they have created a line of teas that my whole family enjoys. These are our favorites:

Seasonal Tea Variety Pack

Tulsi with Ginger

Linden Flower with Hawthorn and Lemon Balm

Just For Kids: Cold Care

Probiotics: Pro-bios = For Life! We are now learning about how important our gut biome is and in order to maintain a healthy immune system, we need a healthy gut! In addition to diet, we go out of our way to get extra Probiotics. We use this supplement and we love to eat fermented foods by Fermenti and Wild Brine and drink our favorite local Buchi  You can also make your own fermented foods with this kit + fermented beverages with this Scoby and Starter Tea.


By incorporating things with a focus on self-care like Yoga, Meditation, Grounding, Sun bathing, Forest Bathing, Gardening, Foraging, Hot Springs dipping, Community building activities, Reading, Writing, Art and spontaneous Dancing into my lifestyle, I find purpose and contentment. Happiness is a HUGE proponent of wellness and should be at the top of your list! Have you read The Four Agreements? You should. It will change your life and the way you look at things!


With over 15 years of researching and exploring different diets, I keep coming back to a whole food, plant based diet. When done correctly, a VEGAN diet, is the healthiest diet for humans, the environment and of course, the animals :) We live in a world where we have choice. We do not need to kill animals or consume their reproductive byproducts (milk and eggs) to feel vibrant and thrive. Those are a "survival food" and should be treated as such. A simple google search will lead you to many resources and inspiring blogs and video content - all you have to do is be willing to commit to change! Our family of 4 is vegan, with very little soy and corn intake and absolutely no gluten. Most days my husband and I eat mostly raw. Try it, you'll love it! Head to your local farmer's market, co-op or backyard garden! Need some more convincing? Watch this to get started.

Additionally, the water we drink is very important when it comes to our health. We use a Berkey Filter in our kitchen to filter all of our water for drinking and food prep. With this filter, we can go out into the woods and collect wild spring water to drink. This filters water so well you could drink dirty, stagnant pond water if you needed to! Worth every penny! Visit to find spring water sources near you!

I hope this list has given you some inspiration to try some new things! Feel free to say hi below and let us know what you consider to be an important part of your health and wellness routine. Please note, some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning if you order the product I will make a small commission of the sale. While my suggestions are genuine, I only place affiliate links to help recoup some of the time investment made creating online content. Thank you for reading! With gratitude,

Beryl Frohriep / @our.wild.roots

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